• Banana Juice Now A Reality

    It’s not easy to get juice from a banana. But scientists at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) say they have developed a technology to properly squeeze the popular fruit. Three years of extensive research have resulted in a...... Read More
  • Cornell helps farmers respond to organic milk demand

    Cornell University’s New York Organic Dairy Initiative is helping small and mid-sized dairy farms identify barriers and opportunities to organic milk production. That’s good news to consumers. “New York farms currently produce only one-third of the demand for organic...... Read More
  • Learning To Be Lean

    ‘Lean manufacturing’ is set to transform the food industry. Discover how lessons from Japanese car makers can put you ahead of the competition.... Read More
  • Mixing Up Your Food

    Modern homogenisation is a century old. From milk to peanut butter, it’s an essential tool for the food industry. We meet Anders Kold of APV Invensys—owners of Rannie and Gaulin... Read More
  • Mondomix Deposits Creams And Batters

    The Haas-Mondomix is an overhead depositor for all types of aerated creams, batters and marshmallows from the Austrian firm, Franz Haas. The machines can deposit two and three-dimensional shapes and texts onto biscuits. The firm says the machine is...... Read More
  • Programmable 20 L BEAR Varimixer

    BEAR Varimixer 20 L mixer has a Remix function that makes it possible to store up to four fixed-speed programs. The mixer doesthis by remembering the sequence of commands you used for a mixing job. They can be repeated...... Read More
  • Reduced Giveaway With Scanvaegt’s ScanBatcher 4700

    Scanvaegt says the computer in its ScanBatcher 4700 that does batch-calculation has 100-times the capacity of the best previous machines. It says the 4700 model reduces giveaway thanks to its ‘extreme accuracy’ from improved CamelBack technology and Superbatchingsoftware. Scanvaegt...... Read More
  • Hotter Profits From Your Cold Chain

    Lots of freezer and refrigeration-equipment makers are improving the energy efficiency of their products. That can mean savings for you—plus, you can show consumers you care about the environment by producing less greenhouse gas.... Read More
  • Perten’s Aquamatic 5100 Grain Moisture Meter

    Perten Instruments say their Aquamatic 5100 Grain Moisture Meter is the first major advance in grain-moisture measurement in decades. It’s based on research by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The makers say the Aquamatic 5100 improves accuracy,...... Read More
  • Axium’s Single, Duplex, Multiplex And Jacketed Filters

    Axium Process says its Pure-Screen wedge-wire stainless-steel filter range can be fabricated to customer specification and includes duplex, multiplex and jacketed filter options. It says the robust filters are suitable for temperature-sensitive applications such as chocolate production, for critical...... Read More