Coca-Cola brings its global ‘One Brand’ strategy to Singapore

New packaging graphics and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, a new and improved sugar-free Coca-Cola, were also revealed.

Coca-Cola Singapore

Coca-Cola has launched its global ‘One Brand’ strategy in Singapore. For the first time ever, the entire Coke range in Singapore will be marketed under one brand – Coca-Cola – allowing Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Light to benefit from its widespread appeal.  In line with the new ‘One Brand’ approach, new packaging graphics were also revealed. The new packaging, which uses the iconic Red Disc, will unify Coca-Cola Classic, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Light under one design.


The company also launched Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, a new and improved sugar-free Coca-Cola, which will replace Coca-Cola Zero.  The new recipe tastes even more like the original Coca-Cola, but without sugar.


‘One Brand’ strategy and packaging to help make choice easier and simpler

Ahmed Yehia, Country Manager of Coca-Cola Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei said “So far, our answer for people that love the Coca-Cola brand but want to reduce their sugar intake has been to launch completely different brands and take time growing their presence. The big change now is to do something simpler. With ‘One Brand’, our new strategy is to place all variants under the umbrella Coca-Cola brand and give customers a choice of the Coca-Cola that suits their taste, lifestyle and diet.”


From May, Coca-Cola’s three colas will be marketed under the Coca-Cola master brand instead of being marketed as separate products, to allow Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Light to benefit from the closer association with Coca-Cola Classic.


As packaging is Coca-Cola’s most visible and valuable asset, the company will introduce a new unified packaging design across all Coca-Cola varieties. The new packaging will feature the ‘rising’ Red Disc and a splash of the signature colors people know so well – black for Zero and silver for Light. The new packs will also emphasize the characteristics of each variant, making choice easier and clearer.


The New and Improved Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

They have also launched a new and improved sugar-free variant, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar to encourage more people, including Coca-Cola Classic drinkers, to try and choose the no-sugar option. The new recipe, which will replace Coca-Cola Zero, tastes even more like the original Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola Classic), but without sugar.


Tish Condeno, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei said “We know that many people love the taste of the original Coca-Cola. We also know that some of them want to reduce their sugar intake but have been reluctant to try a no-sugar option because they don’t think they taste as good as the original. That’s why we are excited to unveil the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which matches the taste of the original Coca-Cola, but without the sugar.”


The new packaging and the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar will be available in-store from May onwards.