DuPont Danisco range of bakery enzymes to debut at MOBAC

Japanese bakery customers will have the chance to learn about the benefits of the newly introduced DuPont Danisco enzyme solutions.

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Bucket of pull-apart pav butter buns

Japanese bakery customers can now witness the fresh-keeping qualities for baked goods as the POWERSoft Cake and POWERFresh range of bakery enzyme products make their debut at MOBAC 2017 in Osaka, Japan. These products provide a powerful cost effective solution, boosting indulgence appeal in cakes and keeping the softness and resilience of fresh-baked bread longer.

Proven benefits with competitive cost-in-use
Based on G4-amylases, POWERSoft Cake Enzyme product is documented to have a significantly more potent effect than traditional anti-staling enzymes. Cakes made with this enzyme range are moister, softer and less crumbly from the moment they leave the oven, elevating the overall texture and mouthfeel and giving a perception of enhanced freshness. Developed for bakers by bakers, POWERFresh range uses the proprietary G4 amylase technology that makes it possible to improve the softness throughout the shelf life than with any other enzyme solution and still maintain superb eating quality.

Fresh thinking ideas and expertise
From February 22 to 25, visitors will have the chance to learn about the benefits of the newly introduced DuPont Danisco enzyme solutions from the team of DuPont bakery experts. In addition, DuPont will also showcase other ingredient solutions from the DuPont Danisco range such as PANODAN DATEM, POWERFreeze, Litesse Polydextrose and HOWARU Premium probiotics for application in bars, pastries, biscuits and bakery fillings. Visitors will also be able to sample a chocolate energy bar prototype containing protein and high fiber for people who are constantly on-the-go.

Organized biennially by the Japan Bakery and Confectionery Machinery Manufacturers’ Association, MOBAC is the largest bakery exhibition in Japan and will be running their 25th show this year since 1971. For more information on the MOBAC show, please visit the website.