• FastBack 260E conveys ‘100% faster’

    Heat and Control says its FastBack 260E conveyor is the fastest on the market, and is ideal for frozen French fries and vegetables, snacks and baked products, and even cut lettuce and fresh vegetables. H and C says in...... Read More
  • Rethinking The Year Of The Rooster

    Bird flu means the Asian poultry industry isn’t exactly clucking in celebration. But Thailand’s timely strategies are smoothing the feathers of a very ruffled business.... Read More
  • Multi-gene DNA test for beef marbling

    GeneSTAR Feedlot is a test to help farmers to predict which cows will produce the best ‘marbled’ meat. Marbling is the fat within the muscle in a cut of meat. It improves the eating quality of beef and is...... Read More
  • Grading and batching poultry with Scanvaegt

    Scanvaegt premiered a range of grading and batching equipment at the International Poultry Exposition in the US last month. Machines included the ScanPortioner B36, which can do 45 degree cuts to create a natural look on fixed-weight chicken breasts.’...... Read More
  • Electro-optical platform for Key sorters

    Key Technology will be launching its G6 modular electro-optical foundation for Tegra and Optyx sorting systems at the interpack 2005 exhibition in Germany in April. It says features include an advanced, modular vision engine and an array of new,...... Read More
  • Fry Potatoes Better With Silicon Chips

    Computer simulation saved an equipment maker hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by predicting and overcoming uneven oil distribution in potato fryers Uneven distribution of oil in the large fryers used in food processing causes problems. The biggest...... Read More
  • Key Technology’s electromagnetic shakers

    Key Technology’s Impulse Compact is a new family small electromagnetic shakers for tight-fitting processing and packaging distribution lines needing precise metering and low maintenance. The firm says they’re ideal for product mixing lines, ingredient feeding, and scale feeding. Sizes...... Read More
  • Ultrasonic Colloid Stability Analyser

    The Irish company Ultrasonic Scientific, is launching a high-resolution ultrasonic-specroscopy (HR-US) Colloid Stability Analyser, which it says can analyse emulsions and suspensions at pressures up to 10 bar. The firm says it is perfect for research and process development...... Read More
  • Why Bakers Brain Scan Their Bread

    Computerized medical techniques are helping bakers make better bread with less waste. It’s all in the bubbles. Prehistoric people started baking bread 12,000 years ago. But we have only been able to truly understand what goes on inside bread...... Read More
  • Vacuum conveyor for food industry

    The C33 vacuum conveyor by PIAB has been manufactured to meet the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines for food and pharmaceutical processing. It is made of 316L steel. The series is...... Read More