• Portable wine cloudiness meter

    Hanna Instruments’ C125 portable limpidity meter checks the cloudiness of white or rosé wine, caused by suspended particles. The meter beams infrared light at a wavelength peak of 890nm through a vial containing a sample of the wine. A...... Read More
  • Infra-red mini thermometer needs no contact

    The testo 805 infra-red mini thermometer is ideal for processors who need to check temperatures without touching food. The thermometer fits into a pocket or toolkit easily as it is only 80mm long. It can measure temperatures from -22¼C...... Read More
  • Farmco fruit and vegetable grader

    Farmco says its Precision Size Grader is ideal for food processors who need accurate sizing and efficient line separation of fruit and vegetables. The rollers can be fine-tuned during sorting by increments of 0.05mm. The grader can handle 4.5...... Read More
  • Scanvaegt multihead weighers

    Scanvaegt’s ScanCombinator 5400 multihead weigher comes in three models with 10, 14 or 18 weighing heads. The firm says they communicate and integrate with all well-known types of packing machines. They can operate as stand-alone machines or as part...... Read More
  • Axium Pure-Screen Filter valves

    Axium Process has launched the first of its range of 316L stainless steel wedge-wire Pure-Screen Filters. Axium says the filters are easy to maintain as they have no moving parts and need no tools for access or cleaning. The...... Read More
  • Honey colour analyzer improves accuracy

    Hanna Instruments say their C221 honey colour analyzer reduces human error in judging the colour of honey. Colour is the main characteristic for grading honey: it varies naturally from light yellow through amber to black. The microprocessor controlled instrument...... Read More